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Navigating DOE Data Explorer Video



Figure 273572: DOE Data Explorer (Data Projects, Data Collections, Datasets)

Figure 273572: DDE image

OSTI released a new video, Navigating DOE Data Explorer, highlighting improved search and navigation features for the DOE Data Explorer (DDE).  These features complement the natural hierarchical relationships of the three product types representing data creation: data Projects, data Collections, and Datasets.  Data Projects include specific research groups, data centers, user facilities, or other DOE-funded endeavors that create research data.  Data Collections include packages of related Datasets, with one DOI assigned to the entire Collection.  Datasets are single instances of data whose boundaries have been defined by the data creator or managers with an associated DOI.

Default search results are listed at the Project level, but can be switched to view by Collections or Datasets.  The filter options change depending on the selected search results display.  When a user selects a Dataset record to view, the Dataset Details page makes it easy to understand its relationship to associated data Collections and Projects.  With these new features, OSTI continues its work to interlink research results and make data more discoverable.  Check out this new video and other OSTI search tool videos on the OSTI.GOV YouTube Channel.

DDE, launched in 2008, is a search tool for discovering data resulting from DOE research and development activities.  The data themselves reside at national laboratories, data centers, user facilities, colleges and universities, or other repositories.  DDE was restructured and redesigned in 2017 to better reflect data hierarchies and display meaningful contextual relationships, and OSTI continues to explore ideas for future improvements.  Researchers can take advantage of DOE’s Data ID Services to register datasets with DOIs and promote their citation, discovery, retrieval, and reuse.  For more information about DDE, email ddecomments@osti.gov.