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Introduction to DOE PAGES Video - a Refresh



Figure 276212: DOE PAGES enhanced navigation and search capabilities (Refer to description text or link for full image explanation)

More information is accessible to members of the DOE community, such as:

Additional citation metrics

References and Cited By lists

Interactive reference and citation traversal tool

The Introduction to DOE PAGES tutorial has been refreshed to capture and illustrate recent changes to DOE PAGES.  The updated video highlights the new look and feel, as well as the enhanced navigation and search capabilities.  DOE PAGES was redesigned to improve your ability to explore and access scholarly scientific publications and to visually unify the suite of DOE OSTI search tools, with OSTI.GOV as the flagship search tool and model.

Watch Introduction to DOE PAGES, then visit DOE PAGES to access peer-reviewed scholarly publications – either the accepted manuscript or the published scientific article – resulting from DOE funding.  More videos about OSTI products and services are available at the OSTI.GOV YouTube Channel.  For more information about DOE PAGES or its content, please visit the FAQs or contact us