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Science progresses only if knowledge is shared.

OSTI Corollary: Accelerating the sharing of scientific knowledge
accelerates the advancement of science.

Areas of active OSTI innovation include but are not limited to:

  • Developing plug & play website applications using Web 2.0 capabilities
  • Developing a language translation tool
  • Making hundreds of databases searchable by a single query
  • Incorporating file cabinet or personal workspace capability for users on OSTI search tools
  • Developing web service that stratifies K–12 education sites by grade level
  • Expanding digital access to legacy documents
  • Increasing visibility of and access to scientific research data
  • Developing grid-based and other distributed computer processing techniques to support search across premium content collections

To make great discoveries, researchers need scientific information, and they need it fast. Through a suite of innovative tools and resources, OSTI works to ensure scientists and the American public can readily find and share research so that science can advance. This requires expertise and innovation in both knowledge management and knowledge diffusion, critical components of the nation's science cyberinfrastructure.

OSTI’s research efforts have demonstrated that knowledge diffusion can be measured and modeled. Furthermore, as the model is fully consistent with ground truth, these efforts lend support for the OSTI Corollary: Speeding the sharing of knowledge will accelerate the advancement of science.

As our innovations evolve, OSTI envisions the DOE Science Accelerator to speed up the sharing of knowledge. The DOE Science Accelerator initiative will bring together non-integrated R&D data, textual information, and disparate scientific communities through innovative knowledge advancement tools and resources.

To view OSTI's pioneering innovations, visit OSTI's milestones page.



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