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How to Use OSTI.GOV: New Tutorial Video



Figure 276201: OSTI.GOV Advanced Search Video Tutorial

Figure 276201: How to Use OSTI.GOV: New Tutorial Video

Advanced search fields include:

  • All fields
  • Title
  • Creator/Author
  • Identifier numbers
  • Publication date

Select "More Options" for additional fields.

How to Use OSTI.GOV is our latest tutorial highlighting key features to help you find the information you need at OSTI.GOV. As a complement to last year’s Introduction to OSTI.GOV, this video walks you through a search demonstration, shows how search results can be refined, sorted, and saved, and then illustrates the bibliographic information included with individual records.  Other helpful capabilities are mentioned, including full-text downloads when available, metadata export options, and sharing via social media or email.  Some records include a “References” tab that lists cited works from that record and an “Other Related Research” tab that lists similar or related records in the collection. 

Watch How to Use OSTI.GOV to learn more, and then visit OSTI.GOV to search over three million DOE-funded research and development (R&D) results dating back to the 1940s, including journal articles, technical reports, data, software, patents, and multimedia.

February 2018 marks the one-year anniversary of the new and improved OSTI.GOV, the primary search tool for DOE science, technology, and engineering research and development results and the organizational hub for information about the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information. More videos about OSTI products and services are available at the OSTI.GOV YouTube Channel.