Language barrier broken with Multilingual WorldWideScience.orgBETA

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Courtesy of Jakke Nikkarinen/STT Info Kuva

Officials at the June 11 launch of Multilingual BETA at the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) annual conference held in Helsinki, Finland. Pictured, from left, Dr. Walter Warnick, U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) Director; Yuri Arskiy, All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI) Director; Tony Hey, Microsoft Research Corporate Vice-President; Richard Boulderstone of the British Library and the WorldWideScience Alliance Chairman; and Wu Yishan, Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) Chief Engineer


“In an increasingly interconnected world, resolving the global challenges of science requires rapid communication of scientific knowledge,” said Dr. William F. Brinkman, Director of the Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy. "Breaking the language barrier through will help erode borders and build research networks across DOE, the nation, and around the globe." now provides the first-ever real-time searching and translation across globally-dispersed, multilingual scientific literature. Multilingual WorldWideScience.orgBETA allows users to search non-English databases in China, Russia, France, and several Latin American countries and receive search results translated into one of nine languages. Dr. Walter Warnick, Director of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information, which serves as operating agent for, emphasized both the “open government” aspects and the potential for accelerating scientific discovery with the addition of multilingual translations across nationally-sponsored R&D results and other science.

This new capability is the result of an international public-private collaboration between the Alliance and Microsoft Research, whose translation technology has been paired with the federated searching technology of Deep Web Technologies, Inc. Microsoft Research Corporate Vice-President Tony Hey said, “We are extremely pleased to have the Microsoft Research Translator technology used with WorldWideScience. Built at Microsoft Research, this translation technology already provides translations to millions of users. Partnering with WorldWideScience is an opportunity to advance science across language barriers and improve scientific discovery.

Last updated on Friday 29 April 2016