Workshop and Meeting Reports

April 2007
Workshop Panel Report on Accelerating the Spread of Knowledge About Science and Technology: An Examination of the Needs and Opportunities (850-KB PDF)
Superior access to quality content key to accelerating scientific advancement

A workshop chaired by Al Trivelpiece and convened February 27, 2007, by OSTI has issued a report important for advancing science: Accelerating the Spread of Knowledge About Science and Technology. The purpose of the workshop, held at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., was to discuss strategies to accelerate the spread of knowledge about science and technology. Recognizing that science progresses only if knowledge is shared, the workshop concluded that scientific and technological progress can be accelerated by accelerating the spread of knowledge. Panel members also emphasized the negative consequences, particularly to American competitiveness and security, if knowledge diffusion strategies are not implemented. An essential finding was: “Superior Access to Quality Content is key to accelerating science and technology.”
November 5, 2004
The State of Data Management in the DOE Research and Development Complex (172-KB PDF)
Need reported for recognizing life-cycle data management as integral to research programs and projects
In July 2004, data management experts from seven data centers in the Department of Energy, as well as representatives of OSTI and other DOE organizations with interests in data management, met in Oak Ridge , Tennessee , to discuss data access and preservation from a DOE perspective. Also participating were Christopher Greer, then Executive Secretary to the National Science Board's Long-Lived Data Collections, and Jeffrey Hayes, Space Science Program at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The participants agreed the first priority in addressing the issues and opportunities associated with data management in the Department is the need to develop a unified data policy to encourage best practices access and preservation of valuable data resources in the advancement of science.
April 2001
Report of the Workshop on Strengthening the Public Information Infrastructure for Science (6-MB PDF)
Over 60 participants from 35 different organizations participated in the "Strengthening the Public Information Infrastructure for Science" workshop held April 18–19, 2001 at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The result was formation of the Alliance and endorsement of the concept for, an interagency science portal. The Workshop was sponsored by DOE and organized by the CENDI Information Managers Group, the University of Maryland Center for Information Policy, the DOE, the NIST, and the National Science Foundation.
May 2000
Workshop Report on a Future Information Infrastructure for the Physical Sciences - The Facts of the Matter: Finding, understanding, and using information about our physical world
OSTI convened a distinguished panel of experts in science, science policy, information science, and scientific publishing at the National Academy of Sciences. Panelists and participants considered issues related to communication, dissemination, and use of information in the physical sciences and make recommendations for increasing the productivity of the scientific enterprise in the United States. The Workshop Report laid the foundation for
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