OSTI Widgets


As of March 2014 the vendor providing support for the Widgets will be going out of business. Widgets at OSTI will no longer be supported, we apologize for any inconvience.


The following widgets will no longer be supported, here are places you can go at OSTI to continue to find DOE R&D Information: 

  • DOE Green Energy Widget (Please see SciTech Connect for all of the DOE Green Energy Information.)
  • Energy Science and Technology Software Center (ESTSC) Widget (Please see the ESTSC website to search for software information.)
  • DOepatents Widget (Please see the DOepatents website to search for DOE patent information.)
  • Librarian Research Connection Widget (Please see SciTech Connect to search for DOE R&D Results.)
  • Science.gov Widget (Please see the Science.gov website.)


Please feel free to use our Feedback/Contact Us link, if you have any questions or comments.
Last updated on Friday 29 April 2016