What is Science.gov?

What is Science.gov?

Video presented at the American Association for the 
Advancement of Science (AAAS) 2007 Annual Meeting 

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What is Science.gov?  Science.gov is a search tool for finding government science information!

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The Science.gov Alliance is a unique collaboration of 12 Federal Agencies including the Department of Commerce, NASA, the National Science Foundation, The Department of the Interior, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, The Department of Health and Human Services Government Printing Office, the Department of Defense, USDA, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Science.gov encompasses 50 million pages of science information, including research results.

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Science.gov searches 30 deep Web databases and over 1,800 science Web sites with only one query.

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Science.gov Version 4.0 is now available and more “relevant” than ever before.

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New Features of Science.gov 4.0 include DeepRank of results, a refine results option, the ability to sort by author, date, or title, and the capability to email results.

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Science.gov now utilizes DeepRank, a relevancy ranking system that looks at full text when available to pinpoint the most relevant results. 

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You can search within your original search results, using more specific terms to pinpoint just the science information you need with the new “Refine Results” option.

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You can find important science information and email those search results to friends and colleagues.

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You can also receive weekly alerts about new documents in your area of interest.

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Register for weekly alerts by following the “Create an Alert from this Search” link at the top of the results page

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At the home page, you can browse science topics of interest from Agriculture and Food, to Health and Medicine, Physics, and Science Education, among others.

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Science.gov has a Featured Search, always a term of importance or current interest.  There are also sections entitled Special Collections and Featured Web Sites that include other useful science links. 

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To summarize, Science.gov is a collaborative effort of 16 science organizations, and provides rapid, relevant, one-stop access to 50 million pages of science information and over 18,000 Web sites, searchable with one query.

This concludes the Science.gov 4.0 presentation.