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Referred Page Retrievals from by U.S. Universities, January 2011 – May 2012

  • Asterisks and bold letters indicate schools that have loaded the Information Bridge records in the online catalogs.
  • Library Catalog Page Retrievals are from links in records in the library catalog.
  • Non-Catalog Page Retrievals are from all web pages at a school including library web pages.
  • Office of Science Funding reflects the level of energy-related research on campus.
    SchoolLibrary Catalog Page RetrievalsNon-Catalog Page RetrievalsTotal Number of Page RetrievalsDOE Office of Science Funding
FY 2011
University of Florida*13396399137955,623,000
University of Wisconsin8105161052451,165,000
University of Missouri*9147937100842,755,000
Purdue University*938246298448,418,000
University of Colorado*6008163476429,417,000
Stanford University 6616661611,201,000
Penn State University7369036976,296,000
University of South Florida*5573305603625,000
Florida International University*466628549511,118,000
Georgia Tech325422745525,537,000
University of Texas 4530453013,987,000
University of Iowa*3736173390910,142,000
MIT 3522352259,537,000
Oklahoma State University*15572991856962,000
George Mason University 28532853475,000
University of California Berkeley80279628767,620,000
University of Pennsylvania 297729777,330,000
Colorado School of Mines 279027901,254,000
University of Buffalo 13651365857,000
Michigan State University*2124357248120,329,000

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