Statement by Congressman Zach Wamp

Regarding the 60th Anniversary of OSTI
September 2007

Congressman Zach Wamp
Congressman Zach Wamp
U.S. Congress
3rd District of TN

This is Congressman Zach Wamp, just thrilled to participate today. Sorry I can’t be there in person. Back-to-back weeks here, we celebrate the 60th anniversary – last week of the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Operations, and now the 60th anniversary this week of OSTI.

All the way back to General Leslie Grove’s first understanding that we needed a central file, the Technical Information Division was established. And now today, all the great people at OSTI carry out the information sharing for the National Laboratories and all the scientific and technical information. And you do a great job and we’re really, really proud of you and we’re grateful for the 60 years of service. And, so today, I’m in Washington but if I were there I would join you certainly in this celebration and thank you for your service and say “Happy Anniversary to OSTI”.

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