OSTI Redesign: Begin with the End in Mind

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Nena Moss

InterLab 2005
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, Washington
December 16, 2005

About S5, the Presentation Format

This presentation uses S5: A simple standards-based slide show system exit federal site. The slide show format is based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The markup used for the slides is very simple, highly semantic, and completely accessible.


Moving through the Presentation

You may go straight to a specific slide, or skip forward or backward a certain number of slides. See the complete list of Comprehensive Keyboard Controls.


Quick Tips:

  • Advance to the next slide (or move forward an incremental step) by pressing the space bar, the right arrow, the down arrow, the left mouse button, or the Enter key.
  • Display the navigational controls by placing the cursor inside the footer.
  • Print the presentation to display expanded comments.

Comprehensive Keyboard Controls

The following apply in any supporting browser besides Opera, which uses the default Opera Show controls instead.


Action Keyboard Shortcut(s)
Go to next slide
  • Space bar
  • Return
  • Enter
  • Right arrow
  • Down arrow
  • Page down
  • Click left mouse button outside of control area, Flash object, or movie
Go to previous slide
  • Left arrow
  • Up arrow
  • Page up
Go to title (first) slide
  • Home (key)
Go to last slide
  • End (key)
Jump directly to slide
  • Type slide number, then hit Return or Enter
Skip forward n slides
  • Type number of slides to skip, hit any "go to next" key except Return or Enter
Skip backward n slides
  • Type number of slides to skip, hit any "go to previous" key
Switch between slideshow and outline view
  • T
Show / hide slide controls
  • C
  • Move mouse pointer over control area in footer

Public domain technology

S5 has been officially released into the Public Domain.


Nena Moss