South Africa joins energy technology information exchange agreement

South Africa's Minister of Minerals and Energy officially accepted an invitation to join the International Energy Agency multilateral agreement called the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE). OSTI currently chairs this longstanding agreement and also serves as the managing/operating agent. Established in 1987, ETDE maintains the world’s largest database of energy research, technology, and development information ­-- ETDEWEB. Covering the full range of energy research, technology, and development fields, ETDEWEB has over four million records, representing billions of research dollars, as well as 223,000 full-text documents directly available to users and 805,000 links to full text at sites around the world. Through ETDEWEB, U.S. researchers gain access to over 100,000 new energy R&D records annually. ETDE will now have 16 member countries, plus existing partnerships with other international organizations. The Ministry has designated the South African National Energy Research Institute (SANERI) to be the contracting party for ETDE.­

Last updated on Monday 25 April 2016