OSTI's E-print Network content tops 900,000 documents

OSTI's E-print Network: Research Communications for Scientists and Engineers now provides access to over 900,000 documents on more than 22,000 scientific e-print Web sites. In addition, the E-print Network provides links to more than 2,900 relevant scientific societies. This Web portal, established as the PrePRINT Network in 2000, is a vast, integrated network of electronic scientific and technical information created by scientists and research engineers active in their respective fields, intended for use by other scientists, engineers, and students at advanced levels. It is a set of specialized tools and features designed to facilitate the exchange and use of scientific information. A deep Web distributed search across E-prints on Web sites and/or databases is available. This deep Web search allows for compilation and assimilation of data to facilitate information discovery and reuse.

Last updated on Monday 25 April 2016