OSTI Launches Re-Designed Home Page

New Look Reflects Focus on Serving DOE R&D Interests


The website of the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) has a new look.

OSTI has re-designed its home page to reflect a streamlined focus on its core mission: to collect, preserve and disseminate scientific and technical information (STI) emanating from DOE research and development (R&D) activities.

The refreshed OSTI home page makes it easier for visitors to find DOE STI as well as other related science resources from across the federal government and around the world.  OSTI works to extend the reach and impact of DOE research results and to bring the world’s research to DOE.

Prominently positioned at the top of the new home page is a search box for DOE R&D results that provides one-step access to OSTI’s flagship DOE STI product, SciTech Connect.

The home page also includes a carousel of OSTI’s streamlined product portfolio, slides highlighting OSTI news and blogs, and the OSTI Catalogue of Collections, which lists and describes OSTI’s STI offerings.

Featured in the carousel are links to OSTI’s principal DOE STI resources, including SciTech Connect, DOE Data Explorer, ScienceCinema, DOepatents, E-Print Network and DOE R&D Accomplishments.  The carousel also provides ready access to OSTI’s three federated search products: the National Library of EnergyBeta, Science.gov and WorldWideScience.org.

The re-designed home page also includes an expandable footer that highlights the DOE Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP).  Central to OSTI’s operations, STIP is an OSTI-led collaboration of STI managers and technical information officers from across the DOE complex responsible for identifying, collecting, preserving and making accessible the results of DOE-funded R&D.  The footer also includes a handy index of all OSTI’s science resources and information about OSTI.

OSTI re-designed its home page to make it easier for users to seek and find DOE STI.  Please let us know what you think: Feedback/Contact US.

Last updated on Monday 25 April 2016