OSTI Celebrates 60th Anniversary

On Sept. 18, OSTI will commemorate its 60thAnniversary with a community lecture at the American Museum of Science and Energy. The lecture, " Standing on the Shoulders of Giants -- tracing the impacts of information retrieval systems on science policy," will be presented by Dr. Eugene Garfield. OSTI's mission is to advance science and sustain technological creativity by making R&D findings available and useful to DOE researchers and the American people. OSTI is located in Oak Ridge at 1 Science.gov Way in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It was just over six decades ago that General Leslie Groves, commanding the Manhattan Engineer District in Oak Ridge, mandated that all classified and unclassified information related to the Atomic Bomb be brought together into one central file. Thus, in 1947, the precursor to OSTI, the Technical Information Division, was born.

Last updated on Monday 25 April 2016