Oak Ridge DOE oral histories to be preserved at OSTI

An initiative is underway for Oak Ridge DOE oral histories to be documented and preserved. The DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), through the Networking Oak Ridge Oral History (NOROH) initiative, is the intended repository for oral histories from those involved in over 60 years of federal operations in the once Secret City. "The Office of Scientific and Technical Information has a long tradition of preserving documents for future generations, as we will do for oral interviews conducted by NOROH," said Dr. Walter Warnick, Director of OSTI. "This will be another addition to our immense collection which highlights the importance of Oak Ridge through the contributions of its federal workforce." Former federal employees involved in key programs on the Oak Ridge Reservation will be interviewed and their corporate knowledge assembled to create a resource for the next generation that may otherwise be lost. Former federal employees who worked on the Oak Ridge Reservation may schedule an appointment by contacting Katatra Vasquez, Cultural Resources Coordinator with DOE's Oak Ridge Office, by calling 865-576-0835 or emailing vasquezkc@oro.doe.gov.

Interviews will be held at the Federal Building in Oak Ridge or, if an individual is not physically able to come to the Federal Building, special accommodations will be made to take the oral history at the individual's residence.

Last updated on Monday 25 April 2016