Nobel Prize Winners Smoot, Kornberg, Highlighted at OSTI

OSTI recently posted a Science Showcase Web site featuring research documents by George F. Smoot and Roger D. Kornberg. In 2006, both Smoot and Kornberg joined the growing list of Nobel Laureates associated with DOE. Smoot won the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in blackbody and anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation. He is an astrophysicist at DOE's Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and a UC Berkeley physics professor. Smoot shared the award with John C. Mather of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Kornberg of Stanford University won the 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his studies of the molecular basis of eukaryotic transcription. A significant portion of Kornberg's research leading to this prize was performed at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL), a Department of Energy (DOE)-supported research facility located at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).

Last updated on Monday 25 April 2016