GCN: Science.gov already "meeting and exceeding" new administration's transparency goals

Science.gov is among 10 government websites already "meeting and exceeding" the Obama Administration's transparency goals, according to a special report by Government Computer News, released July 27. Great.Gov Web Sites described "10 sites that take government to the next level," noting that Science.gov "breaks down stovepipes of research." Joab Jackson, editor, wrote: "Now, with Science.gov, you don't have to worry about which agency published the research. Led by the Energy Department's Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), the site offers a one-stop shop for searching U.S. scientific databases. At last count, you could do a single search of 38 data sources --- or about 200 million documents." Following up on the special report, Government Computer News wrote an editorial, Government Web sites worthy of respect. According to the editorial, "What’s striking about some of the "great government Web sites" featured in this issue's special report by Joab Jackson is how quickly Web sites such as Data.gov and Science.gov are bringing vast reserves of government data to users -- data that would have been nearly impossible to find even a year ago." In the days since the report's publication, it has been listed as the site's most popular article and the most emailed article.

Last updated on Monday 25 April 2016