DOE R&D Accomplishments Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence


In January 1999, a database of electronic documents containing U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)/predecessor accomplishments was created. It was launched with the goal of drawing visible recognition to outcomes of past DOE/predecessor research and development that:

  • have had significant economic impact,
  • have improved people's lives, or
  • have been widely recognized as remarkable advances in science. 

The first two DOE R&D Accomplishments Feature pages were posted in February 2000. The subjects were the 1958 video game created by a Brookhaven scientist and the Information Superhighway reflecting Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's contribution to the Internet.  Since then the DOE R&D Accomplishments website has posted Feature pages about 91 Nobel Laureates and some recent Enrico Fermi Award winners.

DOE R&D Accomplishments also provides interesting insights and detailed information about Nobel Laureates that range from former DOE Secretary Steven Chu to Enrico Fermi and Saul Perlmutter.  In addition to scientists, important key topics such as Thin-Film Lithium Batteries, Cancer Therapy and Climate Change have also been highlighted. Another helpful segment on the website is called "Snapshots." This is where you can find articles and related documents on subjects such as Neutrinos; Life: Babies and Archea; and WWII the Manhattan Project.

OSTI celebrates this unique, first-rate website that duly recognizes DOE associated research, scientists and discoveries. Cheers to 15 years of Excellence!

Last updated on Monday 25 April 2016