DOE Data Explorer retooled with new website design, more content and search functionality

DDE still provides the same access to publicly available DOE-sponsored data and other non-text information, with records to great collections at DOE's national laboratories, program offices, and user facilities. The database itself has been retooled with new, underlying software, new functionalities, and more content. DDE has been expanded to include records identifying individual datasets/datastreams submitted to OSTI from DOE Data Centers and other sites. Information about OSTI’s Data ID Service is now part of the website.


Search functionality has been improved. Date range searching has been added for datasets with publication dates; as well as a relevance sort; and a Boolean search has been made available from the Advanced Search page. Browse DDE content by title, subject category, sponsor/funding organization, other related organization and type. Types are wide-ranging, encompassing: animations/simulations; figures/data plots; genome/genetics data; interactive data maps; multimedia; numeric data; specialized mix; and still images/photographs.

Future enhancements will be announced on the "What's New" page and in the meantime remember to check out the monthly DDE Featured Collection!

Last updated on Wednesday 23 November 2016