DOE Science Showcase – DOE Advanced Robotics

Where creative vision and technical expertise meet


From mine rescue operations to radiological survey for environmental hazards to mapping data for defense situations, read about the Department of Energy (DOE) innovative approaches to advanced robotics.


Robotics Research Results from the DOE Databases


Energy Science and Technology Software Center (ESTSC)

Information Bridge

Energy Citations Database multimedia


Robotics at DOE Labs

Sandia Labs’ Gemini-Scout robot likely to reach trapped miners ahead of rescuers

Tiny Terminators: New Micro-Robots Assemble, Repair Themselves and Are Surprisingly Strong

10 Questions for a Robotics Engineer: Lonnie Love

Robot Reworked to Analyze Radiation in Japan

Robotics at Los Alamos National Laboratory

NREL's New Robots Scrutinize Solar Cells


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