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National Library of Energy(Beta)

The National Library of Energy Beta (NLE)  discovery tool has been discontinued as part of OSTI's streamlining of products to re-focus and re-balance operations to advance public access to scholarly publications resulting from Department of Energy (DOE) research funding.

Please visit any of the products below to search for Department of Energy R&D results and more.

Primary Search Tool

OSTI.GOV is the primary search tool for DOE science, technology, and engineering research information. OSTI.GOV contains over 70 years of scientific and technical information from DOE and DOE predecessor agencies, and it employs an innovative semantic search tool enabling scientists, researchers, and the public to retrieve more relevant information. OSTI.GOV has about 3 million total records.

Science, technology, and engineering research information funded by DOE


Specialized Search Tools for Specific Resources

DOE Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science (DOE PAGES®) is the search tool for scholarly publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles and accepted manuscripts, resulting from DOE-funded research.

Scholarly scientific publications resulting from DOE-funded research

DOE Data Explorer is the search tool for DOE-funded datasets, data collections, and data projects.

Scientific research data resulting from DOE-funded research

DOE CODE is DOE's new software services platform and search tool, replacing ESTSC. DOE CODE allows users to submit code, offers repository services, and discovery of DOE-funded software.

Open source, submission and search tool for DOE-funded software

DOE Patents is a comprehensive, search tool of patent information resulting from DOE-funded research and development (R&D). Included here are patents that DOE sponsored through a variety of funding mechanisms, including grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements.

Patents resulting from DOE-funded research

DOE ScienceCinema is the search tool for multimedia scientific videos and audio files from DOE national laboratories, other DOE research facilities, and CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), using speech-recognition search technology.

Scientific videos featuring DOE-funded research 


Federated U.S. Agency and International Scientific and Technical Information Search Tools

Figure 276758: Science.gov

Figure 276758: SciGov250-min.png

This interagency initiative of science organizations at 15 U.S. federal agencies provides a search of over 200 million pages of scientific and technical information with just one query.

U.S. government funded science information

Figure 276759: WorldWideScience.org

Figure 276759: wws-min.png

WorldWideScience.org is an international gateway to approximately 100 national science collections from more than 70 participating nations.

Global science gateway



DOE Office of Science Only

Figure 276760: SC e-journals

Figure 276760: SCEJournal-min.png

SC e-journals provides the Office of Science (SC) management and staff electronic access to over 1,600 key peer-reviewed scientific journals of broad interest to the Department as well as subject-specific titles.

Scientific journal access