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Energy Science and Technology Database (EDB) and Nuclear Science Abstracts (NSA)

The Department of Energy's legacy bibliographic databases, Energy Science and Technology and Nuclear Science Abstracts, are searchable through commercial vendors, online and via CD-ROM. These databases provide complete bibliographic information and abstracts for technical reports, as well as other materials received, such as journal articles, conference papers and proceedings, patents, books, etc.

Energy Science and Technology Database, a source of worldwide energy-related information, covers 1974 through September 2001, and includes information on energy sources, use and conservation; environmental effects; waste processing and disposal; regulatory considerations, as well as basic scientific studies. Available: Online through STN (as 'Energy'); through Dialog (File 103 online and 'DOE Energy' on CD-ROM); on magnetic tape from the National Technical Information Service.

Nuclear Science Abstracts is a historic record of nuclear research, beginning with the Manhattan Project. It contains international nuclear science and technology references from the early 1940s through June 1976. Available: Online through Dialog File 109 and on CD-ROM.


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