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Travel through DOE databases; find emerging nanotechnology devices

by Kathy Chambers on Mon, July 16, 2012

Items coated in nanomolecular materials in blue-green, yellow, orange, red, and purple.

In the world of nanomanufacturing, new materials, devices, components and products are emerging at a breathtaking rate. Next-generation nanocoatings are being developed to enhance wear resistance of industrial materials.  An infrared retina that includes adaptive sensors has been patented. Self-cleaning skin-like prosthetic polymer surfaces have been developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). ORNL is also well on its way to creating nano catalysts for diesel engine emission remediation.  The sonification of x-ray scattering data is explored at Brookhaven National Laboratory.  A high frequency nanotube oscillator has been patented by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  And the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is developing tools to measure biomass at the nanometer scale. Take a trip through OSTI’s databases to see the multitude of discoveries happening at the nanoscale.  Find the research resultsin the DOE databases and read more at the OSTI Science Showcase

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