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Back-to-School? Get ScienceLab!



It’s August! Are you ready to get back to school? If you’re attending or teaching a science class this year, be sure to check out ScienceLab, Students' go-to source... for homework help, project ideas, competitions, internships, activities, and more. ScienceLab provides searchable access to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education resources from U.S. Department of Energy programs and national laboratories.

ScienceLab searches can be filtered by both grade level and resource types including:

  • Student Guide/Tutorial
  • Instructor Guide/Manual
  • Classroom Activities
  • Curricula
  • Lesson Plans
  • Topic Presentations
  • Unit Plans
  • Online Interactive and Games
  • Data Source, Data Visualizations
  • Science Competitions
  • Field Trips
  • Career Exploration
  • Internships
  • Scholarships
  • Agency Resource Portals
  • Professional Development
  • Education Research and Policy
  • Ask A Scientist
  • E-Mentors
  • Speakers

Both students and teachers can benefit from ScienceLab resources. Share this information with your friends. You may print and distribute the ScienceLab flyer and fact card. Start searching the website and get a head start on your research papers and projects!

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