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OSTI Functions in Brief

OSTI is dedicated to the principle that to advance science, research must be shared. OSTI  is increasingly recognized for its contributions to the sharing and exchange of scientific and technical information.  OSTI works to accelerate discovery by speeding access to knowledge.

OSTI's users conducted 80 million information transactions last year.  Spreading responsibility for these transactions across the OSTI staff implies that each OSTI employee was responsible for 12 information transactions per minute throughout the work year, which I view as an incredible metric of success.   And we have only just begun.  OSTI's traffic increases significantly each year. 

But, of course, OSTI staff rarely interacts with users personally.  Rather, staff creates, develops, and deploys information tools for users.   OSTI's suite of cutting edge web tools make science information searchable from everywhere.   Through the deployment of information technology, OSTI accomplishes ...

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