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DOE R&D Accomplishments Brings You More!

To enhance the user's experience, multiple additions have been made to DOE R&D Accomplishments.  These include

*    *more information about the content of DOE R&D Accomplishments and a brief history of DOE and predecessors, available on a new About page,

*    *additional ways to navigate -- via the faceted menu and the Menu Synopsis page, which contains menu items and links, each accompanied by a very brief description,

*    *the ability to Share (at the top of each page), which provides the opportunity to share a DOE R&D Accomplishments web page,

*    *and a blog, which provides comments about and calls attention to the multiple diverse aspects of the DOE R&D Accomplishments unique and specialized collection.

The new feature page is about Nobel Laureate Melvin Calvin, whose landmark research and body of scientific work into how plants capture energy from the sun...

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