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OSTI and Reference Linking

by Daphne Evans 13 May, 2008 in Technology

OSTI actively supports the practice of Reference Linking. Also referred to as citation linking, reference linking adds value to technical reports and journal articles by hyperlinking the references at the end of the document. Authors frequently cite numerous supporting reports and articles. However, locating these cited works can be difficult. If these references can be hyperlinked to online full text, or availability information, that opens up all kinds of possibilities for the discovery and reuse of related research.

When authors submit technical reports to OSTI, they can request that their references be hyperlinked. We will identify hyperlinks for as many of the references as possible, and create an enhanced file. The authors review the new document, and once approved it is made available per their specifications. This greatly enhances the technical report and the accessibility of the references.  This service is provided at no cost to the author or their organization.

Another great benefit for the author is that DOE technical reports referenced in journal articles can also be hyperlinked. In 2005, OSTI entered into an agreement with CrossRef, a nationally recognized reference-linking service. Now OSTI and CrossRef use Digital Object Idenitifers (DOIs) to facilitate access to DOE's vast collection of science research reports. DOIs are persistent links,...

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Author Notification

by Jim Littlepage 12 May, 2008 in Technology

Authors of  DOE scientific and technical reports are getting their research results made electronically available worldwide courtesy of the Office of Scientific and Technical Information,

OSTI is making research results from work performed under DOE-sponsored contracts available via an array of web based outlets including powerful federated searching products such as Science Accelerator,, and World Wide Science.

Whenever OSTI receives a scientific and technical report from a facility doing work for the Department of Energy, OSTI processes that report and makes it publicly available.  Authors listed on the report are notified that their work is publicly available and are given the URL where they can view their report.  Moreover, authors receiving this notification are eligible to request reference linking that OSTI provides.  Using this service, authors can request OSTI to add hyperlinks, where available, to the references at the end of their report. 

Authors are encouraged to submit additional research reports to OSTI in order to increase awareness of their research activities, to provide their findings to a broad and diverse audience of potential beneficiaries, and to add to the body of scientific knowledge in their field of study.

This service is one of the many activities OSTI conducts as a part of its ongoing efforts to ensure that research results from billions of dollars of DOE sponsored research and development contracts are made available to the world's scientific community.

For additional information, contact Debbie Nuchols,

Jim Littlepage


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