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OSTI and DataCite – Easing Access, Citation and Reuse of Data



OSTI joined DataCite  to facilitate finding, accessing, citation of, and reusing publicly available scientific research datasets produced by U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) – funded researchers.  Through the OSTI Data ID Service, Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are assigned to research datasets, then registered with DataCite.  When registered, these datasets are announced with other forms of STI made available by OSTI as part of its mission to advance science.

This service facilitates:

  • Easier finding of datasets across the international community of researchers via DataCite’s DOI resolving tools.
  • Linkage between DOE’s R&D documents and the underlying datasets that were generated during the work.
  • A standard way to include data in the accepted bibliographic citation framework.
  • A better way to ensure researchers can be sure they locate the exact dataset used in someone's previous work, thus allowing validation of results or a new use for that data.

OSTI became a member of DataCite in January 2011.

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