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Hard work and innovation pay off!  Government Computer News (GCN) and Information Week have published their Top Ten Federal mobile apps lists, and was the only interagency mobile application named to both!  Since last year, over 100 federal agencies have established mobile apps in response to a recent White House initiative requiring them to make their services available for mobile use.  GCN evaluated the apps on their usefulness, how helpful they actually were, and also on that intangible “cool factor.”  GCN applauded Mobile’s surprisingly powerful search engine that checks science data from 13 federal agencies and said “It could probably even be a boon to researchers to keep them from duplicating research, and it will certainly help your kids get an A on their science papers.”  Information Week published its “10 Handy Mobile Apps From Uncle Sam” and noted that: “(The) site searches scientific information from more than 50 databases and 2,100 government-affiliated websites. On-the-go science buffs can now access that data trove via a mobile version of the website or a downloadable Android app. Users can get Wikipedia and EurekAlert! results related to their searches.”

Researchers are like the rest of...

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We’ve made tracking a science topic in key DOE/OSTI resources easy with the Science Accelerator Alerts service.  It's as simple as first registering for Science Accelerator Alerts and then proceeding along one of the following channels:

1) conduct a search on your chosen topic/author and then select the 'Create an Alert' button on the search results page;

2) go directly to the Alerts Login page and register.

Either of these methods will take you to a page containing an 'Alert Profile' form. Complete the profile, select the frequency of your Alerts and save. You will then receive Alerts via email and also create a personal account.

The Science Accelerator was developed as a tool to advance discovery and to deliver science information. It empowers you to search, via a single query, important information resources of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) scientific and technical information. These resources contain the results of DOE research and development (R&D) projects and programs, major R&D accomplishments, and recent research of interest to DOE. They enable you to explore significant DOE discoveries, learn about DOE Nobel Prize Winners, access and search scientific e-prints, locate science...

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Read more... Makes Further Advances

Have you noticed that navigating through is faster than before?  We completed a major software upgrade the week prior to Thanksgiving in which highly technical improvements were made to the site.  While many of the improvements are “behind the scenes” some you might notice are:

  • Users can now access their alerts accounts from their alerts email.  It is much easier to modify or delete alerts.
  • Users can now choose to receive daily alerts instead of just weekly.
  • Users can now download directly to RefWorks or EndNote (citation management software) in addition to just the .RIS format.

The Federal Register (FR) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) are now automatically searched through the main search page; they can be individually searched through the advanced search page.

But wait, there’s more! 

A widget is now available to add to your site.  By doing so, you and your users will be able to easily search 45 authoritative federal databases and over 2000 science websites with one search and without navigating away from your website.  Consider downloading and installing the widget to provide access to 200 million pages of additional science information in a convenient way.  This is a great tool for libraries and academic institutions!

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Be on the Alert!

Do you want to receive notification of the latest additions to key DOE/OSTI resources that contain research and development results, project descriptions, accomplishments, and more?  It's as simple as registering for Science Accelerator Alerts and then choosing a topic or author of interest.  You may either 1) conduct a search on your chosen topic/author and then select the 'Create an Alert' button on the search results page or 2) go directly to the Alerts Login page and login.  Either of these approaches will take you to a page containing an 'Alert Profile'.  Complete the profile, including the Alert frequency time frame desired, and save it.  You will then receive Alerts at the e-mail address that you provide.

Alerts joins the many other features on Science Accelerator that are available to assist with finding what you are seeking -- refining the search (search within a search), sorting the results, clustering, Wikipedia and EurekAlert! science news results, and selecting specific items of interest.  Science Accelerator also provides feature searches, the capability to e-mail your results, and Web 2.0 features -- a Widget, an RSS feed, and the Share capability.

Mary Schorn


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Introducing 5.0

Science.Gov 5.0 is now available!

The first thing you'll notice is the new main page design. The same elements are there, but reconfigured to update the website look and feel. We have also added seven deep web sources (see DOE press release) into the search. 

If you're a frequent user of, you may have had a hand in the recent enhancements. Many of the new 5.0 technical features are in response to past suggestions from users. Topic "clustering" is available on the results so you can drill down into subtopics to focus your research. Presented alongside the results is auxiliary information from the AAAS EurekAlert! Science News and from Wikipedia. Also new with this version is the ability to download search results into your citation management software - a specific request from the library community. You will also notice a new Alerts interface which allows you to set up an ATOM or RSS feed of your Alerts.

The Alliance has released a major version of each year since its launch in December 2002. We continue that tradition with the newest release, realizing that both technology and R&D results from U.S. federal government continue to grow at a very significant pace. 

The Alliance is itself an interesting story, a truly unique example of federal agencies overcoming "stovepipes" to create a true cross-agency portal. You may read more information on this initiative and its participants on OSTI hosts and manages the site for the Alliance.

I do hope you find the upgraded features of our Version 5.0 helpful. We'...

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