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DOE Data Explorer: Restructured and Redesigned to Better Reflect Data Relationships

by Sara Studwell 31 Aug, 2017 in

DOE Data ExplorerResearch data is being produced at a rapidly increasing rate, and we at the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) recognize the importance of making data findable and accessible and are committed to being active in the data community.  The DOE Data Explorer (DDE), launched in 2008, is a search tool enabling users to locate and access research data resulting from DOE funding.  Additionally, OSTI joined DataCite in 2011 and established the DOE Data ID Service, through which OSTI assigns persistent identifiers, known as digital object identifiers (DOIs), to datasets submitted by DOE and its contractor and grantee researchers to help increase access to digital data from DOE-funded research.

As product manager for DDE, my goal is to ensure that DDE reflects the ways in which researchers organize their data so that users can easily find or discover data of interest to them.  So, after OSTI held meetings with researchers and stakeholders and listened to what they need in a data search and discovery tool, we developed a plan to reorganize and redesign DDE to better reflect inherent relationships between data objects.  I presented this plan at the SciDataCon conference in September 2016 and subsequently co-authored a paper with colleagues Carly Robinson and Jannean Elliott that further explained the steps being taken to update DDE.

Through a multi-phase restructuring, we are creating meaningful contextual relationships between data objects to make the data more accessible; phase I was completed in August 2017, and phase II is...

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DOE Research Data and Digital Object Identifiers: A Perfect Match

by Sara Studwell 22 Apr, 2015 in

Alternate Text PlaceholderThe Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) became a member of and a registering agency for DataCite in 2011—making the Department of Energy the first U.S. federal agency to assign digital object identifiers (DOIs) to data through OSTI’s Data ID Service.  DataCite is an international organization that supports data visibility, ease of data citation in scholarly publications, data preservation and future re-use, and data access and retrievability.   

Through the OSTI Data ID Service, DOIs are assigned to research datasets and then registered with DataCite to establish persistence and aid in citation, discovery, and retrieval.  The assignment and registration of a DOI is a free service for DOE researchers to enhance the management of this increasingly important resource.  Citations to these datasets are then made broadly available in OSTI databases such as DOE Data Explorer and SciTech Connect and in resources such as and  They are also indexed by commercial search engines like Google and Bing.  

So why would a dataset need a DOI?  This is a question that many people ask as data citation has become more important to the research process.  And the answer is quite simple:  to improve the discoverability of and attribution for datasets created and used in the course of research.  A DOI gives the dataset a unique and persistent identifier that can...

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