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OSTI is Committed to Facilitating Science Research

by Karen Spence on Thu, December 04, 2008

is driven! We are fully committed to providing scientists and
researchers with the social networking tools and services that can
make it easier for them to more rapidly advance their scientific
research. We have a number of exciting ongoing initiatives in support
of accelerating the evolution of science. Here are ten that come to

  1. We
    are committed to forming relationships with universities, both the
    technical research departments and the supporting research
    libraries, to make sure that the university research community is
    aware of the many products and services that OSTI has to help them
    in their research endeavors.

  2. We
    are committed to providing the bells and whistles for various
    products that make those products user friendly.

  3. We
    aim to make it easy for scientists to keep up with new research
    efforts so we are actively investigating new and innovative ways to
    deliver information through RSS feeds, alert services, and other

  4. We
    are investigating the use of clustering capabilities to link
    researchers together who may have similar projects; our intent is to
    promote the proliferation of new technologies.

  5. We
    know that scientific and technical information comes in many forms
    so we are creating a distributed environment to bring together all
    types of multimedia documents to make entire collections easily
    searchable and findable.

  6. We
    are increasing the visibility of DOE's R&D information
    collection by providing libraries with MARC records to make
    information accessible in every library (or at least every library
    that has any of the old DOE legacy collections of materials.)

  7. We
    are also getting the word out about DOE R&D by posting
    information to various science blogs.

  8. We
    are facilitating conversations between DOE researchers by providing
    a forum for document discussions on the DOE Information Bridge.

  9. We
    are making OSTI products more well known by creating Wikipedia
    entries for each one.

  10. We
    are providing opportunities for the science and science-attentive
    communities to sponsor digitization of legacy DOE research reports.

never-ending commitment to finding innovative ways to bring
scientists together ensures that our work will never become dull.


Assistant Director


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