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It's been a big summer for sharing science info--and it's still only June!

by Cathey Daniels on Tue, June 30, 2009


Did you know:

  • That now you can find research from China when you search within  OSTI was in Ottawa June 10 helping formalize the addition of China to the WorldWideScience Alliance? In addition, now you can quickly narrow your results list to the research you need, share them on social networking sites, bookmark your search, and set up alerts.
  • That now you can learn about OSTI tools and services on our OSTI YouTube site launched in June?
  • That you can Adopt-A-Doc? OSTI launched a new site for this tool in June that puts you in the driver's seat for helping make important research available online.
  • That you can now more easily navigate and find exciting scientific discoveries, search tools, and science information of interest to you by using OSTI's redesigned home page (launched June 10).
  • That from June 14 to June 17, close to 6,000 librarians and participants in the Special Librarian Associations 2009 Conference in Washington DC were afforded the opportunity to learn about OSTI's special librarian tools, and search engines just for science - DOE Science Accelerator (DOE collections), (U.S. sources), and (global sources)? OSTI supported two displays at the SLA exhibit.
  • That OSTI has developed a strategic plan for making the web work better for science?


And did you know that now you can more easily let us know what you think about our progress, by using OSTI's feedback tool launched in June!).


Cathey Daniels

Information International Associates (contractor to OSTI)


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