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100th DOE R&D Accomplishments Feature Page Celebration

by on Sun, July 07, 2013

DOE R&D Accomplishments 100th Feature Page

DOE R&D Accomplishments is a unique website and database in the OSTI collection.  For over 14 years, special Feature pages have been methodically researched and useful information collected on scientists, discoveries, and historical events to include in this searchable resource.   It  is a rich source of DOE trivia unto itself. 

On June 12th, 2013, the 100th Feature Page was released on the website and it highlighted 2004 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, David Gross.  Gross joins other featured DOE Nobel Laureates such as Glenn Seaborg, E. O. Lawrence, Melvin Calvin and Saul Perlmutter on this distinguished list.  But there’s more than just Featured Scientists!  Topics are also featured in the list of 100 pages.  These include Topics like: the amazing breakthrough of decoding the human genome; the RTG-which powered many space vehicles including the Curiosity and New Horizons; the Archaea; nuclear medicine; and the Manhattan Project. The outcomes featured have had significant economic impact, have improved people’s lives, or have been widely recognized as a remarkable advance in science. 

These Feature pages are filled with factual information, links to documents, additional data, and multimedia files.  Preparation includes coordination with DOE research facilities, including Office of Science National Laboratories.  The summaries are well written, factual, and easy to read.  Metrics indicate that the heaviest users of DOE R&D Accomplishments are students or instructors as they prepare research papers on scientific subjects or study scientists’ biographies. 

DOE R&D Accomplishments users are smart cookies because the information is excellent!   The layout is user friendly, and Feature Pages are highly sourced and documented.  Nobel and Fermi Laureates are verified and linked, and related stories are provided as bonus material.

We celebrate the  100th DOE R&D Accomplishments Feature page and look forward to reading about the many more discoveries, researcher highlights and scientific breakthroughs that will make an impact in our daily lives. 

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