Secretary Chu issues policy statement on scientific integrity and the importance of transparent access to scientific information

In response to the White House memorandum asking all federal agencies to establish a scientific integrity policy, Energy Secretary Steven Chu recently issued the Secretarial Policy Statement on Scientific Integrity. In it, Secretary Chu emphasizes the importance of the "free flow of scientific and technical information, consistent with standards for treatment of classified, sensitive, private, and proprietary information." The policy statement says, "Transparency and accessibility of scientific and technical information support the continued advancement of a sound science and technology base to help guide and inform the nation" critical public policy decisions; advance the national, economic, and energy security of the U.S.; facilitate the accomplishment of mission objectives; and maximize the public value of such efforts. To foster access, the Secretary's statement notes that "consistent with the Administration's Open Government Initiative, the Department will use its website and the resources of its Office of Scientific and Technical Information to help make research findings more widely available to the public."

Last updated on Monday 25 April 2016