OSTI partnerships make DOE R&D results more accessible

Whether by finding ways to ensure research data are readily accessible online or by partnering with companies such as Microsoft to audio index scientific videos, OSTI's Brian Hitson is keen for his organization to collaborate on innovations across the international science information arena. Hitson, OSTI Associate Director and Chair of the International Council on Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) Technical Activities Coordinating Committee (TACC), was recently interviewed for International Innovation: North America, June 2012 (Research Media, UK, pp106-107). Hitson noted in the interview that public-private and multilateral collaborations allow entities such as OSTI to realize "very tangible outcomes that would either not have been feasible, or would have been much more expensive for individual members to pursue independently." The TACC is currently exploring projects in information trust and authority, data equivalence, and alternatives to traditional usage and value metrics, all of which provide benefit to individual members such as OSTI. OSTI is charged with providing broad access to the research and development activities of the U.S. Department of Energy and its Office of Science, the largest funder of research in the physical sciences in the U.S. Government. Through partnerships facilitated by the ICSTI network, OSTI brings the world's R&D to DOE researchers and makes sure DOE R&D results are shared globally.  ICSTI is the platform under which WorldWideScience.org - the global science search engine - was developed.  OSTI is the operating agent for WorldWideScience.org.

Last updated on Monday 25 April 2016