DOE-supported researcher takes 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Research performed at Argonne National Laboratory supported the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Brian K. Kobilka. Intense X-rays produced by Argonne’s Advanced Photon Source helped enable the first discovery of an important class of chemical receptors that allow cells to receive signals from their environment (see Office of Science feature.) Research at Department of Energy Laboratories has been recognized with 4 Chemistry and 3 Physics Nobel Prizes in the past decade (see DOE news release). Kobilka, Professor of Medicine and Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology at Stanford University School of Medicine, shared the prize with Robert J. Lefkowitz, Professor of Biochemistry at Duke University Medical Center. Read more about Kobilka at the OSTI DOE R&D Accomplishments website and find a roster of Nobel Laureates associated with DOE. DOE R&D Accomplishments is a central forum for information about significant outcomes of past DOE R&D widely recognized as remarkable advancements in science.

Last updated on Wednesday 20 July 2016