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What is the Difference between Science Accelerator and SciTech Connect?

science accelerator scitech connect

Science Accelerator and SciTech Connect both search DOE and non-DOE scientific and technical information, and there is some confusion about the difference between the two products.

Science Accelerator is a federated search tool that lets you search 13 databases and federated search products produced by OSTI. Each of these products has a different purpose and scope. Separate databases cover data files and collections, patents, software and multimedia. Textual databases cover DOE scientific and technical reports, R&D accomplishments, technology transfer information and green energy STI. Non-DOE material searched by Science Accelerator includes conference papers and proceedings, science journals and e-prints in repositories or on researchers' web pages. Many of the articles, papers and e-prints in these sources were produced with DOE support. The non-DOE sources include a great deal of scientific information that is of interest to DOE and useful to DOE researchers.

SciTech Connect is a single database, not a federated search of multiple databases like Science Accelerator. SciTech Connect is one of the resources searched by Science Accelerator. Using a new search interface, SciTech Connect consolidates and replaces Energy Citations Database and Information Bridge. The Basic Search in SciTech Connect features semantic search, while the Advanced Search uses Boolean and fielded search. SciTech Connect provides more detailed search capabilities that are not available through Science Accelerator.

If you are not sure which source to use, start with Science Accelerator. If you need to do a more sophisticated search of scientific literature, you may find that SciTech Connect better suits your needs, especially if you want to find STI funded by DOE or DOE predecessor agencies.


Page last updated on Friday 17 March 2017