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OSTI Holds 2012 STIP Working Meeting


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Scientific and Technical Information ... see STI defined.

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DOE Order 241.1B [194-KB PDF] details the responsibilities of OSTI and other DOE elements for managing scientific and technical information.

2012 stip meeting

2012 DOE STIP Meeting Attendees

The 2012 Department of Energy (DOE) Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP) Working Meeting, Embracing the Future, was held in Augusta, GA., April 18-19.  Within the DOE Office of Science, OSTI has the responsibility for coordinating STI activities and for leading a collaborative effort to a distributed STI environment. To that end, OSTI and designated representatives from the Headquarters Programs, Field Offices, National Laboratories, and facility contractors who are STI program stakeholders work together to facilitate access to STI and identify best practices, as well as objectives and goals. Each year our office organizes a meeting of these STI stakeholders. In addition to the two-day STIP Working Meeting, representatives particpated in STIP orientation sessions and DOE Only and DOE Contractor Only meetings. 

The 2012 STIP Working Meeting was hosted by Kevin Schmidt, STI manager for Savannah River National Laboratory, and Debbie Caver, Technical Information Officer (TIO) for Savannah River Operations Office. The meeting was attended by STI Managers and reps from DOE laboratories and facilities across the country. Speakers included Dr. Jeffrey Salmon, Deputy Director for Resource Management in the DOE Office of Science; Dr. Walt Warnick, OSTI Director; Mark Martin, OSTI Assistant Director for Program Integration; and Judy Gilmore, OSTI STIP Liaison, as well as STI Managers from across the complex and technical experts from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Savannah River National Laboratory.

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