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The Manhattan Project: A 70th Anniversary Observance

manhattan project

We are marking the Manhattan Project’s 70th anniversary with a series of articles posted on the OSTI website. OSTI grew out of the post-World War II initiative to make the scientific research of the Manhattan Project as freely available to the public as possible.

One month following the August 13, 1942 establishment of The Manhattan Engineer District, the Army appointed Leslie R. Groves to head the top-secret program. In 1945, General Groves mandated that all classified and unclassified information related to the development of the atomic bomb be brought together into one central file. Thus, in 1947, the office now known as OSTI became home to one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of energy-related information, with separate operations for classified information.

Today, OSTI’s collection of DOE R&D Accomplishments showcases remarkable advances in science. A section about the Manhattan Project includes information about the Manhattan Project sites and their contributions, key events and scientists.

Page last updated on Friday 17 March 2017