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Find DOE Green Energy R&D Results

doe green energy

Results of DOE-supported green energy technology R&D can be easily accessed via the DOE Green Energy portal. A search of DOE Green Energy retrieves technical reports and patent information on energy conservation and a variety of renewable energy resources. The citations searched by DOE Green Energy are extracted from the DOE Information Bridge and DOepatents using  the following subject categories:  "hydrogen", "biomass fuels", "synthetic fuels", "hydro energy", "solar energy", "geothermal energy", "tidal and wave power", "wind energy", "energy storage", "direct energy conversion", "energy conservation, consumption and utilization", and "advanced propulsion systems". DOE Green Energy contains both current and historical research.

What is unique to this search tool? DOE Green Energy runs a behind-the-scenes “keyword to concept” mapping technology, a “semantic search” technique that produces search results that explore more narrow concepts and related concepts. Thus, the DOE Green Energy search will return a greater number of results that are more likely to be relevant. A bonus, the auto-complete feature allows you to immediately see a list of associated concepts as you type your query.

Page last updated on Friday 17 March 2017