Newsletter for Office of Scientific and Technical Information

DOE Science Showcase - Nanotechnology

nano cluster

Courtesy of Los Alamos National

OSTI posts to its website a new DOE Science Showcase each month highlighting R&D results within key DOE databases. See the July Showcase - Nanotechnology, or the June Science Showcase - Fuel Cells. The research documents found here are freely available to the public. These and other science topics are made easily searchable through the many tools and services provided by OSTI as part of its corporate function called out in various legislation, and most recently specified in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which reads: “The Secretary, through the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, shall maintain within the Department publicly available collections of scientific and technical information resulting from research, development, demonstration, and commercial applications activities supported by the Department.” OSTI databases offer search simplicity as well as advanced search capabilities such as customized alerts, results displayed in relevance ranked order, and downloadable search results for a broad array of scientific information related to DOE missions. 

Page last updated on Tuesday 05 September 2017