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DOE’s Mobile Application Makes Two Top-10 Lists

A mobile application developed and hosted by the Department of Energy’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) has been honored by two leading information-technology publications.

Both Information Week and Government Computer News recently published top-10 lists of government mobile applications, and OSTI's mobile app for the website that we created and host on behalf of the Alliance made both lists. What's more, the mobile application was the only interagency mobile app to appear on both of the publications' top-10 lists. 

sciencegov mobile, launched in 2002 and now in its fifth generation, is a gateway to U.S. government information and R&D results. With a single query, searches more than 50 scientific databases and 200 million pages of science information and accesses an index of more than 2,100 scientific websites. is a portal to content provided by 17 organizations in 13 federal science agencies, including OSTI's DOE science resources and R&D collections.  We introduced Mobile in September 2011.  

The June 15, 2012, issue of Information Week included a look at federal agencies' newest mobile offerings and named the mobile version of the website as one of “10 Handy Mobile Apps from Uncle Sam”.

“On-the-go science buffs,” Information Week reported, “can now access that data trove via a mobile version of the [] website or a downloadable Android app. Users can get Wikipedia and EurekAlert [science news] results related to their searches.”

A week later, the June 22, 2012, issue of Government Computer News released its list of “The 10 best federal mobile apps”, and that list likewise featured the mobile application. “Billed as a tool to help kids with homework,” Government Computer News said, “[ Mobile] is actually a surprisingly powerful search engine that checks science data from 13 federal agencies going back to 1990. So if you have a science-related question, there is a good chance that someone in government has asked the same thing at some point, and probably commissioned a study to get the answer. Having access to all that data is a lot better than having it sit unused in some dusty file cabinet. It could probably even be a boon to researchers to keep them from duplicating research, and it will certainly help your kids get an A on their science papers.”

OSTI and the Alliance are heartened by Information Week’s and Government Computer News’ write-ups about the mobile application, and we certainly hope more and more people will take advantage of the service. and its mobile app are major contributions to “open” and “digital” government.

OSTI takes its mission very seriously.  We work hard to advance science and sustain technological creativity by making R&D findings available and useful to DOE researchers and the public.  And to accomplish our mission, we do our best to provide an array of web tools and capabilities designed to deliver science information to desktops, tablets and mobile phones everywhere.  So it is gratifying to see these tools recognized for their utility, ease of use, and ingenuity.

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