09/23/14  Brian Hitson Named Director of the Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information 


U.S. Department of Energy Increases Access to Results of DOE-funded Scientific Research


03/04/13 Launch of SciTech Connect Consolidates Information Bridge and Energy Citations Database
02/15/13 Introducing The National Library of EnergyBeta, New Search Engine Facilitating Access to Department of Energy Information


12/05/12 Still Strong, Growing in 10th Anniversary Year
12/03/12 DOE Technology Transfer Website Features New Tool to Search Tech Transfer Information from DOE National Laboratories
10/09/12, Now with Multimedia, New Search Features, Spanish Translations


12/14/11 OSTI and Norwood Elementary, holiday buddies for many years
09/20/11 DOE Scientific Research Data Now Easier to Find
09/07/11 You Provide the Search Term, Green Energy Portal Provides the Concepts
06/08/11 A First in Combining Science Discovery Technologies: Federated Search and Speech-Indexed Multimedia
05/25/11 CERN Multimedia Now Playing at DOE's ScienceCinema
02/08/11 ScienceCinema Gives You Searchable Videos from the U.S. Department of Energy


12/17/10 Debuts Image Search
06/11/10 Goes Multilingual
04/22/10 Green Energy Portal Launched for Quick Public Access to Renewable Energy Research


10/27/09 DOE, IAEA Partner for Greater Access to Nuclear Energy R&D
06/26/09 Find and share global research with new tools at
06/10/09 China's participation expands access to global science


10/14/08 China Joins WorldWideScience Alliance
09/15/08 Releases Version 5.0
06/25/08 Deep Web Technologies’ Innovations Contribute to DOE Science Search Technology
06/12/08 Signs WorldWideScience Alliance Agreement
06/12/08 DOE Announces International Agreement on Global Science Online Gateway
01/29/08 India Added to


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