December 3, 2012

DOE Technology Transfer Website Features New Tool to
Search Tech Transfer Information from DOE National Laboratories

The Department of Energy (DOE) Technology Transfer website has a new search feature that for the first time allows searching of technology transfer information across the DOE national laboratories.

The new tool enables users to search all of DOE’s technology transfer information, including inventions, patents and other applied research, available from DOE’s national laboratories in real time. Using web-crawling technology, the search capability allows users to enter a single query for a technology transfer term; the search feature returns a consolidated, relevance-ranked list of information from across the DOE complex. Users do not need to know the national laboratory or researcher associated with a search term to find the information they need.

The DOE technology transfer search capability is the first of its kind in the federal government. It was developed for the Office of the DOE Technology Transfer Coordinator by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), which also hosts the DOE Technology Transfer website.

“This new search tool for Department of Energy technology transfer information is unique in the federal government to date, and enables interested parties to access information across our laboratories with a more targeted approach producing more relevant results,” said Dr. Karina Edmonds, DOE Technology Transfer Coordinator.  “Enabling the public, including commercial interests, academics, other researchers and interested citizens, to easily access the wealth of information pertaining to technology transfer across the Department of Energy represents an important new resource, which DOE hopes can contribute to stimulating economic growth by increasing transparency and increasing access to emerging technologies.” 

The Department of Energy accounts for between a third and half of all new inventions, patents and other technology-transfer related activity across the entire federal government each year, according to the Federal Laboratory Technology Transfer Fiscal Year 2009 Summary Report to the President and the Congress, issued in March 2011.

The DOE Technology Transfer Coordinator is responsible for working with the Department’s national laboratories to accelerate the process of moving discoveries from the laboratory to the private sector, ensuring that America’s scientific leadership translates into new, high-paying jobs for America’s families. The position was created by the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

OSTI, within the DOE Office of Science, is the DOE office that collects, preserves, and disseminates DOE-sponsored R&D results that are the outcomes of R&D projects or other funded activities at DOE labs and facilities nationwide and grantees at universities and other institutions.