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January 29, 2008

India Added to

Online gateway makes world's science available to citizens everywhere

Oak Ridge, TN -, the online gateway that makes the world's science readily available to researchers and citizens alike, recently added four important science sources from India to its global reach. Users can search these and many other science sources from a single entry point and retrieve the most current science findings in fields such as energy, medicine, agriculture and basic sciences.

The addition of India effectively doubled the percentage of the world's population represented in the searches of The newest databases in the gateway are the Indian Academy of Sciences, the Indian Institute of Science Eprints, the Indian Institute of Science Theses & Dissertations and the Indian Medlars Centre.

One year ago the bilateral agreement (see statement of intent) to partner in the development of the global science gateway was signed between Under Secretary for Science Raymond Orbach and British Library Chief Executive Lynne Brindley. Now 28 science resources are available from 18 countries - connecting science information from every inhabited continent. The U.S. contribution to is, the portal to science databases and Web pages of 13 federal science agencies. is maintained by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), which makes R&D findings available and useful to advance discovery.