Cathey Daniels, (865) 576-9539
April 4, 2006

Alert Service Sends International Research to Public Desktops

Oak Ridge, TN — Citizens can set up a free e-mail alert account and receive information on a wide variety of energy-related research through a new U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) developed service. Users can target information of interest, and then choose whether to receive updates on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Registration is required.

The alert service can be accessed through ETDEWEB or Energy Technology Data Exchange World Energy Base. Information is available from 16 ETDE member countries plus other international partners, including research on energy policy and planning; environmental impacts of energy production and use (including climate change); energy conservation; nuclear (e.g., reactors, isotopes, waste management), renewables, coal and fossil fuels, and more.

"Without ETDEWEB, much of this information would be difficult to retrieve," said Brian Hitson, chairman of the executive committee that operates ETDE. "Yet accessing it can lead to invaluable opportunities for those in commercial, academic, and government settings. Any individual, organization, library, or institution in an ETDE member country or approved developing country is eligible to access this database."

ETDEWEB was developed by the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), which also serves as Operating Agent to ETDE. ETDE is a group of countries under agreement to make available the widest range of energy-related research and to disseminate that information to developing countries. OSTI is located in Oak Ridge, TN. Hitson is associate director of OSTI.

Through the efforts of ETDE, and in support of the G8 Energy Ministers' efforts to push energy technologies to the developing world, over 50 developing countries have gained free access to ETDEWEB since 2004. Users can search over 3,687,000 bibliographic records and more than 154,000 full-text documents, and links to hundreds of thousands more.

The site was recently updated to enhance the speed of its search tool. Additionally, users can opt to simultaneously search ETDEWEB and two other OSTI-hosted portals, and Science Conferences.