OSTI Pact with Internet Archive Ensures Uninterrupted Research Access

One sure thing about the World Wide Web: like the weather, it will change.
Given this dynamic nature of the Web and the importance of preservation of
scientific information in a digital environment, OSTI recently partnered with Internet
to ensure uninterrupted access to more than 1 million online research
papers from the E-print Network.
The DOE E-print Network is the largest collection that a federal institution
has undertaken in an on-going effort to preserve their own documents and history
through Archive-It. “As a result of
the pioneering partnership between the Internet Archive and OSTI, we are
ensuring long-term, continuous access to the growing body of cutting-edge scientific
and technical knowledge produced by scientists and research engineers,” said
OSTI Director Dr. Walter Warnick.
“Without a way to periodically archive this material, important science content
within this ever-growing, ever-changing online, e-print environment could disappear.”

Last updated on Monday 25 April 2016