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Science Depends on the Diffusion of Knowledge Walt Warnick March 5, 2009
For Spreading Knowledge, the Optimum Investment Is Not the Minimum Walt Warnick October, 27 2009
OSTI’s Commitment to Improving Lives by Accelerating Science Discovery Walt Warnick February, 13 2008
OSTI’s Efforts Advance Energy Secretary Goals Sol Lederman March, 25 2009

Speeches and Presentations

Accelerating Science by Accelerating the Sharing of Knowledge (DOE Showcase CENDI Meeting) Walt Warnick May 5, 2010
Open Innovation Enabled by Global Networking of Science and Technical Knowledge (Collaborative Expedition Workshop, National Science Foundation) Walt Warnick January 27, 2010
Federated Search (Emphasizing WorldWideScience.org) as a Transformational Technology Enabling Knowledge Discovery (InterLending and Document Supply Conference) Walt Warnick October 20-22, 2009

Louis Bettencourt Reports in SciTech Connect

The Power of A Good Idea: Quantitative Modeling of the Spread of Ideas from Epidemiological Models Bettencourt, L. M. A.; Citron-Arias, A.; Kaiser, D. I.; Castillo-Chavez, C. May 5, 2005
The rules of information aggregation and emergence of collective intelligent behavior Bettencourt, Luis January 1, 2008
Clickstream data yields high-resolution maps of science Bollen, Johan; Van De Sompel, Herbert; Hagberg, Aric; Bettencourt, Luis; et.al. January 1, 2009
Large-scale functional models of visual cortex for remote sensing Brumby, Steven P.; Kenyon, Garrett; Rasmussen, Craig E.; Bettencourt, Luis; et.al. January 1, 2009


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