ETDEWEB, the largest single collection of energy-related scientific information in the world, has added three new features to its database systems recently: a translation tool, a sample records viewing capability, and a research paper submission suggestion option.


ETDE is the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE), a multilateral information exchange agreement under the International Energy Agency (IEA) framework. Its primary objective is to collaboratively build the ETDE World Energy Base. ETDEWEB has over 3.6 million energy research literature references, nearly 400,000 documents onsite in PDF, and over 1 million more references with links to sites throughout the world. The DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) represents the U.S. in the ETDE agreement and also serves as the operating entity, managing ETDE under the direction of an Executive Committee, made up of delegates from other countries.

The first highlighted feature is the Microsoft Translation Widget. This tool is a new option when viewing full citation records from ETDEWEB and also when viewing the user help files. The widget allows a user to translate the full ETDE citation information, including abstracts and labels/menus, from English (the common language of the ETDE database) into one of approximately 30 languages. The user can then better decide if the full text is relevant and worthy of further translation into his/her native language.

The second new feature is to allow non-authenticated users to perform a search of the database and see a sampling of ETDEWEB results. Potential users will see a count of records found in the database for the search criteria and about 20 partial database records. Selecting a title would then direct the users to one of several options: logging in or registering (if their country is eligible), or pursuing membership options. Domain or IP-authenticated users will continue to receive the normal full database results.

The third feature allows authenticated users to suggest possible research paper additions to the ETDEWEB database. This capability can be accessed via a link below the search boxes on the Easy and Advanced Search pages. Suggestions will be screened before inclusion in case the report may already be in the process of being added.


ETDEWEB access is free to ETDE member countries and nearly 100 developing countries throughout the world. Non-authenticated users may need to register. ETDE welcomes interest by countries who are not yet members. For feedback on the features, or further information about membership, contact Ms. Debbie Cutler at the ETDE operating agent (

Last updated on Friday 29 April 2016